Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ironman CDA 2015, the before.

Well well well. It's now been over 2 YEARS since I posted in here....lots has happened and many times I have thoguht to come back to update myself on life, have a place to go back and remember all the wonderful things I get to do, but I never seem to make it back. I had thought I would use this space as a place to write about my IM training, and instead, I find myself already finished and now all that's left is to write the recap.

Lets have a brief timeline catchup:

March 2014 - Completed first 70.3 at IM Oceanside. Raced with the FLU, it was NOT pretty.
July 2014 - Raced Vineman 70.3 - super hot but my favorite race to date. Amazing.
October 2014 - Raced Soma 70.3. Shitshow. October is NOT cool in AZ, ever. Never ever again. (now IMAZ 70.3)
November 2014 - Registered for IMCDA 
NOVEMBER 2014 - March 2015 - Injuries, poor bike fit, setbacks. Finally FIXED by my awesome PT, Ian. YAY

Let's back up a bit. I always said I would NEVER EVER sign up for a 140.6. Nope. I saw Wade do it, and many many friends but I just couldn't wrap my head around the distance, the discipline in training and I never really thought I had the ability or athletic prowess to do it myself. Specifically the swim. (I couldn't swim 25 yards 2 years ago, progress people) So as I ticked off a few 70.3's and I watched another group of first timers become Ironmen, my self doubt turned around and I found myself wanted to put myself up for the challenge. After lots of self talk, and convining Wade into jpining me, I pulled the trigger and resgistered on November 15. Happy Anniversary honey, this will really test our marriage!

I won't get into all the training and details because this is supposed to be my race recap, but I will mention that we switched coaching companies 3 MONTHS before the race, which was VERY stressful initially and then it became the best thing I could have done. Krista LaPan with Team BSC jumped in feet first and was an absolute godsend. We both had a renewed sense of excitement and urgency to get our asses in gear. New workouts and someone monitoring us so closely was a total game changer. Wade's attitude completely changed and it was fun having something new and someone with such a different coaching style on our team.

My training cycle went great. I wasn't feeling 100% with my run, but that's another story to tell.  (my run fitness had been digressing the past 2 years and with only 3 months to work with, Krista did what she could and I'm happy with that) I imagine everyone never feels "ready" for their 1st IM and I found myself wanting more and more time when everyone was like "yeah it's tapertime".  I had put in 4 100+ milers and several 16-20 mile runs, AND was swimming more than I ever could have imagined, 10K yards on some weeks. I was assured I was ready.

About 10 days before the race, we got some concerning weather forecasting...
Not normal. And it kept climbing. Lot's of frantic facebooking, emailing, texting and changing of some fueling/hydration and wetsuits wearing.

I remainined fairly calm but inside I was scared shitless and really upset that my 1st IM would be in this hotbox. Not cool.

We flew into Spokane Thursday before the race, the flight was full of IM people and we had an easy travel day and arrived at our amazing house for the week.

The next 2 days were a flurry of grocery shopping, practice swims, riding the course, a shakeout run, eating, hydrating, checking in and dropping gear off. It was exhausting....especially in the 95-100 degree heat!

My parents arrived Saturday and helped us drop off our bikes...that was the first time I got scared I think, it was setting in! We had a great dinner at the house, froze our hydration and attempted to get some sleep....race morning was almost here!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

On Blogging's been a long time.

I guess writing my thoughts on this space lost its luster. A lot of cool things have happened, and life is busy. So organizing thoughts and photos into "this" took the backseat over spending time working, loving and living.

We went to Europe. We ate, we drank, we laughed. And we cried when the dog sitter lost our dog. (still a sensitive subject so I'm going to leave it alone)

I have had NO training schedule since my last full marathon in February and it's been great. No races. No pressure. I run when I want and have been yoga-ing, spinning and lifting weights. It's been fun and refreshing.

BUT...I'm ready to get to back to business.

I have a few new goals on the the head - not on paper yet.

Maybe I'll blog again and share them soon....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Fresh Perspective

Running races.

It's fun, it's exhilarating, and always having one on the horizon is the best way the keep in shape. For me, it's a way at being held accountable. Knowing I must run "XX" miles this week so I don't hurt myself/fail miserably at upcoming race "X".

And then there is burn out. When you dread waking up Sunday morning at 5am to run a stupid race in the stupid sun. Especially stupid when your knee/leg is still hurting.

So I ran this stupid race a couple weeks ago. And I was really looking forward to this one as I had ran it 2 years prior when I was still a "newer runner" than I am now. I'm not sure what happened during that race that crept into my brain and gave me a case of the bad attitudes.

Mountain to Fountain 15K
 I should really have no reason. I'm lucky really.....I have 2 legs, I'm healthy, I live in a beautiful city for running, so what happened?

I guess burn out. I have been consistently entering races since August of last summer and I need a break.

I let running get into my head too much at times and forget WHY I run in the first place.

It makes me feel good. Free.

It lets me be outside, enjoying the pretty neighborhood I live in and the temperate weather we have.

It lets me wave at neighbors/dogs and see the coyotes and javelina on cool mornings (cheesy yes, but I love seeng this stuff out running).

The last couple weeks have been void of much running. A 3 or 4 miler here and there. I let myself be a slacker...and hello, that's ok. This isn't my job. I'm not fast, I don't win races. I do it for fun. For the people I have met along the way (and the extra pizza I get to eat doesn't hurt).

I've gained a couple pounds...which isn't awesome. At all.

I put on my shoes and went out last night with no plan... And damn it felt good. 3 miles. And I did it again tonight. 5 miles.

They were the fastest, best 2 runs I've had in a long time.

I have no races planned until August and until then I vow to run like this as often as I can.

Because it's  fun.

Monday, February 18, 2013

IMS AZ 2013

The weekend flew by as is it already Monday?

IMS Arizona Marathon 2013

Course: Verrado to Glendale, AZ
Time: 4:09:11

How I felt:
It's a mixed bag here. The first 8 miles were awesome, I felt good mentally and physically, the weather was perfect and the first part of the course was fairly nice.  I experienced some horrendous stomach issues at my last half marathon a couple weeks ago and it came back to haunt me. I think I wasted about 4-5 minutes stopping at various J-Johns along the way and took some extra time walking when the gut/fear of an accident kicked in, good times! I noticed it kicked in after my 1st GU, this has never happened to me before so I think it's time to find a new source of fuel? Wade ran with me until about mile 16 and then took off like a bat outta hell. I was hoping to break the 4:00 mark yesterday and was on course at the halfway mark...but the gut issues, the heat and my hip/back pain were working against me.

 The highlight of my race...My friend Ryan and his buddy rode the ENTIRE course with me on their beach cruisers and it was the best thing I could have ever asked for. Once I realized my goal wasn't going to happen, I decided I was going to have FUN and I really did. We had so much fun talking, laughing, being silly, waving at cops and volunteers, it made the 26.2 fly by and I never felt alone out there. It's a small race and for many stretches I was running alone, so having these 2 guys by my side was amazing. They handed me water, gum and GU along the way, it was like my own personal race crew! Ryan was supposed to run the race, but due to injury he chose not to start so instead, he and I crossed the finish line together, he earned it too!

A failed jumpshot attempt.
I'm really happy I did it, and saw so many familiar faces along the way...which was one of the best parts! Seeing Wade (and lots of friends) at the finish line, with a HUGE smile on his face (this was his 1st full) was worth every ounce of pain .... and I still got a PR. And a sunburn.

Finish line with Ryan, yay buddy!
Wade, sub 4:00!
And I got to finally meet my cute friend ChaCha who also had an awesome PR 3 weeks after running a hilly marathon in her hometown, she's kind of a badass!