Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cold Weather Running for Idiots

Living in Arizona, cold weather running isn't really a thought. All those articles that come out in the winter Runner's World magazine and posted throughout the internet during the holidays...they don't really apply.

So you can see my dilemna when I packed my tiny weekend bag to head up to the cabin. I packed some sweats, long sleeves, my cyclying shorts, a pair of running shorts and long sleeve running shirt.

Then this happened on Saturday.

I welcomed this sight....it was beautiful and finally got me into the Holiday mood! I knew a run was not in the books, so I hoped on my trusty bike/trainer combo and spun myself into 45 minutes of sweat induced bliss, all while in the comfort of the indoors. Sunday I woke up to sunshine and melted snow so I talked myself into running a nice easy 5 miles at the local high school track. 35 degrees?

I don't know which was worse...my outfit or the fact that I froze my ass off.

I did my 5 miles and hurried my butt home for a hot bath and a cup of chai tea.

Lesson learned? Oh yes, pack warmer shit.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boom. 2-a-Day

Yasso 800's on treadmill + full body circuit
(5 miles total)

10k Pace *whoops* outside in the rain.  
(4 miles)

I had to put a filter on my "self portraits"...no one needs to see that,

9 miles for the day, like a Boss. Foam rolled, iced, compression'd up for a nice long run tomorrow. Looking forward to running with the cloudy/rainy weather!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Motivation with a hangover.

Fall Racing is definitely here. Each weekend my Facebook feed is filled with photos, stories, and new PR's from friends all over. I love it.

And as you know, I also love a good spreadsheet. I love a plan. Now executing the plan...that's the tough part.

The other night, we sat down and finally watched the 2012 Ironman Kona Championships from a few weeks ago.

Motivating? Yes. 
Intimidating? Heck Yes.

These chics are beasts. Animals. Machines. Athletes.

Miranda. My Favorite.

I know that will never be me, and that's OK....but every once in a while, I think to myself...could I train for an Ironman? Would I? Could I handle it physically or mentally?

And then I snap back to reality. I'll just make Wade do one someday.

I was amped up to run the next morning and I knocked out a great 6 mile run and then did a full body weight circuit. I was excited to log it and proceed with the next day'd double run.

And then I got drunk on election night. And woke up hungover and swore off alcohol forever. Who do I think I am? (<--- an idiot?)

I missed my double runs today. But that's OK, I kinda had a good excuse.

Two of my best friends from High School. Steph was in town from Florida and we finally got our shit together and made plans. It had been 6 years since the 3 of us were together. We laughed, talked and reminisced for 4 hours. (and Steph and I apparently drank too many beers, oy)

So tomorrow's a new day, time for that double run day.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lately. And a PR.

Busy Week. Whew.


A new baby arrived....and she is amazing, adorable and absolutely perfect.  I'm in love.

We Trick-or-Treated with Cyn, Jeff and little Natalie.

I attended a baby shower (do we sense a theme amongst my girlfriends?)

Wade was gone a few days working on projects at our Cabin, so I had some QT with my puppies.

And the best of all. I got my PR. I am on cloud 9 right now!

I set an intention this race during my first mile. I ran for NYC. I ran for my husband. And I ran for my new "niece" and her Momma...who better get her ass in gear once she is cleared so she can run side by side with me. I stayed out of my own head the entire race which I have NEVER accomplished before. I was happy, I felt good. I stopped smiling at all the cheering spectators at mile 11 because I was so focused on my goal and was feeling like a robot at that point. I hope no one thougth I was a grouchy ahole. I wasn't, I promise.

I almost cried when I looked at my Garmin at mile 12.5 and KNEW I was going to make it. Hard work pays off....what a concept.

Time to celebrate. (and set a new goals)

(Edited to add official results)