Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting Over....Laptop Love

I kissed my laptop when I picked "her" up last night. She was very very was touch and go for a while. My work revolves around this little laptop of mine, so when she went down, it was rough. The Doctor had her for a total of 16 days. She was completely rebuilt and is pretty much a brand new computer at this point. Now I'm going through the process to make her mine out the kinks and the settings to my likings.

All my lovely photos are still there...that is what I am most grateful for.

My blog will now resume.

It was actually quite interesting to not have this little machine taking up much of my free time....reading articles, shopping, dreaming, working, blogging. It forced me to relax a little more at night. Snuggle more with my husband. Bake holiday treats. Play tug-o-war with my pups instead of plugging away on here. Technology has taken over the world, and I fully embrace that. I love it. BUT, I love my quiet nights as a promise to myself, I vow to spend less time with this machine and more time getting back to the basics.

The last week or two has been filled with lots of wonderfulness....friends, family, on that to come.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Little Rest

I'm not running this week. It's torture. I have WAY too much energy.

I have had some serious stiffness and pain in my left hamstring since the Women's started a day or two after the race. I rested for 2 days after the race as usual, and then continued to run as my "plan" instructed me to do.

Yesterday I woke up still feeling stiff and tight. So I emailed my running friend and asked for a second opinion.

Rest. Ice. Stretch. DON'T run...just a few days. It will only make it worse if you keep running.

The thought crossed my mind to just get over it and run anyway...but I agree, it's OK to rest. I really haven't taken anytime off since the beginning of the summer, so this morning I have accepted my very short hiatus of no running.

It made me pissy yesterday. But I got over it. Happy Hump Day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Outta Commission

I have a Race Recap from the Women's's just sitting on my computer with a few last edits.

The same computer that got a virus a few days ago and that is currently in the operating room at Data Doctors.

Just a clue though... I PR'd and I'm pretty pumped about it. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Women's Half Marathon Recap

(Better late then never!)

Official time: 1:56:35

My goal, as mentioned before, was to break the 2:00 mark. To join that "club". My self confidence was down a bit the week leading up to this race. I was feeling a little burnt out, my legs a little heavy, not as light as I have before. I told myself I would get that PR, but I told my friends I would be OK if I didn't and that I was just going to have fun and enjoy the race.

And boy did I enjoy it. I was a little apprehensive of running an all Women's race. Was it going to be too much girl power? Too much pink and sparkles? Nope, it was awesome. From the beginning to end, I had a blast. 

Here is my course recap:

Start: I was in Corral 1 - ya OK. I was thinking there must be a lot of slooooow runners for me to be up that far.Wade dropped K and I off at the start vs. taking the bus. Awesomesauce. Found a few friends along the way. Bag check, port-o-potties, go time. Boom.

Miles 1-4: Flat, paved...down Scottsdale Road and some major side streets. Lots of spectators, chilly to start. 

Miles 4-6: Mainly flat, along the canal with KILLER mountain views. Started warming up right about here.

Mile 6: Tons of SPECTATORS...including my #1 fan. This was the first time Wade hasn't run with me, so it was really awesome and special to see him standing there cheering me on. I even veered over to give him a smooch!

Miles 6-8: Biggest hill of the course. I put my head down and powered through this bitch....another girl was right next to me and we were rooting each other on the whole time which was great and really helped me reach with top!

Miles 8-9: The leaders started passing us and holy sh*t were they fast. They looked so effortless as they cruised by at incredible speeds. We all cheered and threw our hands up in the air as each one was really fun and helped me to keep on plugging along.

9-12:  When my friend Raj popped up and yelled my name at mile 10.25, I was so surprised and HAPPY to see his face. He started running with me and told me he was going to run me up the big ol hill looming ahead. He said I looked fresh and strong and that a lot of people were looking tired (I'm sure he tells all his friends that). We had run together a couple weeks ago and he knew my goal, and he said I had it in the bag. That was the BIGGEST boost of confidence and put a giant smile on my face the rest of the race. The running community really is amazing! The rest of this portion was small hills (on and off ramps on the freeways). I felt great and very energized.

Miles 12-13.1: WINDY, slightly uphill towards the end....but FULL of cheering people and I think it made me run faster passing all the tired girls out there. (thanks Ragnar friends for forever stamping the word "KILL" in my head as I pass people) And of course,  knowing Wade was watching the clock and waiting for me!

I made sure I thanked EVERY person who handed me water or Gatorade, high fived every high school cheerleader and smiled at all the awesome spectators holding up signs....I saw some GREAT ones!

My only complaint.....the GU never made it on the course....which kind of sucked. I had brought my own GU Chomps, but ended up leaving them in my bag thinking it was one less thing to carry. After about mile 8, when I realized that I might not get anything for energy, I made sure I drank Gatorade at the next couple stops. Lesson learned.

I had no pain, no aches, no accidents (thank God) stomach was a little icky for several miles, but not enough to make me pull over.

This was by far my favorite race (not that I have a whole lot to compare)...not sure if it was the super fast Expo, the organized and on-time start, the energetic and VERY pink crowds (maybe the dude running in a pink tutu) or the PR, but whatever it was, I will definitely run this race again!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Women's Half Expo

In and Out in record time, approximately 8 minutes. BAM!

I was in the area last night, so I figured I would pop in on my way home and grab my packet. At about 6:15, it was MUCH quieter than I expected...but I suppose all the crazies will be there tomorrow.

It was at a resort I am very familiar with, so navigating the parking lot and finding the room was a piece of cake. I was supposed to receive my bib number by email about a week ago, but never did so I looked it up on a big huge board, filled out my release, walked over to my designated line and grabbed my bib. I skipped down the hallway and downstairs to the Expo to get my schwag bag and t-shirt. After getting my t-shirt, I promptly turned around and headed back out instead of wandering through all the vendors and such...I wasn't there to buy anything or deal with the crowds, so I peaced outta there and got my butt home to my cute husband.

There are approximately 6,000 women running the half, and 1,000 women running the 5k. There are only 6 corrals for the half marathoners (seems like a few too many, but what do I know?) and your bib number corresponds with your estimated finish time. I haven't seen it done this way before, and I kinda like it....runners 1000-1999 are in corral 1, runners 2000-2999 are in corral 2, and so on. We will see how smooth THAT goes in the am.

On another's cold as $%*^ out. I hope I don't freeze my butt off tomorrow....I might be rethinking my outfit choice.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 days

In 3 days I will be running my 3rd half marathon.

My 3rd this year. I'm a little nervous....only because of the pressure I put on myself to be "better".

This race is an all Women's I am going to focus on having fun, soaking it in, and cheering on my fellow female runners. It also happens to be my running buddies BIRTHDAY that it's her day.

If I happen to PR, I won't be sad at all. Hopefully I don't want to stab my eyes out with all this "girlie-ness".

The course map makes it look like a piece of cake...but after talking to some ladies that have run it before, it's not the most accurate map and has some hills.

Looks pretty downhill to me, yo!

I hate hills. They scare me.

I'm tapering, so I have a lot of pent up energy. Guess I'll burn it off at Happy Hour tonight....cheers!