Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Little Rest

I'm not running this week. It's torture. I have WAY too much energy.

I have had some serious stiffness and pain in my left hamstring since the Women's started a day or two after the race. I rested for 2 days after the race as usual, and then continued to run as my "plan" instructed me to do.

Yesterday I woke up still feeling stiff and tight. So I emailed my running friend and asked for a second opinion.

Rest. Ice. Stretch. DON'T run...just a few days. It will only make it worse if you keep running.

The thought crossed my mind to just get over it and run anyway...but I agree, it's OK to rest. I really haven't taken anytime off since the beginning of the summer, so this morning I have accepted my very short hiatus of no running.

It made me pissy yesterday. But I got over it. Happy Hump Day.

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