Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catching Up.

Hello there.

I have been so quiet that I'm not really sure how to just jump back in without sounding like a weirdo who has been pretty bad at blogging lately.

{Nutshell - My Life}

Work, Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years, New Babies (and baby showers), friends/family in town, running, celebrating our 3rd Anniversary, volunteering at my 1st Ironman (whoa), preparing for the Holidays AND thoroughly enjoying them (parties yes please), making new goals, a trip up North to a haunted hotel, marathon training in full effect and eying some more races), running a 10 mile race and a half marathon...which resulted in a new PR, booking some trips (oh boy!) and embarking on one amazing

So yeah...all that. I won't spend the time going back through the details. I was sick on and off about 3 times over the Holidays which is never ideal but I am 100% now and feel great. My running took a bit of a hit with all that and I am noticing it quite a bit in my speed, endurance and my lung capacity. That's OK, I feel healthy and injury free so I'm content with that.

Coming up...

February 2nd - Desert Classic Half Marathon (training run)
February 17th - IMS Arizona Marathon 

The last few weeks at glance, in numbers:
  • 43 miles
  • 47 miles
  • 34 miles (setback week, whew)
  • 46 miles
  • Current week (tapering) 12 miles
I am extremely sore today from a couple of new HIIT workouts the past 2 days, so I skipped today's run in lieu of rest so I have 2 full days before my half on Saturday.

Looking forward to:
    •  The Phoenix Open this weekend. Party time, excellent.
    •  Super Bowl Sunday!
    • A night in Sedona to celebrate my Dad's 65th's a surprise, shhh.
    • Girls Weekend in San Fran.
    • Our FIRST trip to Europe. I.cannot.wait.
    • Working on my race calendar and trying a new to me distance, gulp!
    How about a mini photo bomb?

    What's new with you?

    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    hello there.

    You know when you avoid a phone call because it's been so long...and you aren't sure where to start?


    I just returned from 6 days in Paradise (the Dominican Republic) and am ready to blog again.