Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catching Up.

Hello there.

I have been so quiet that I'm not really sure how to just jump back in without sounding like a weirdo who has been pretty bad at blogging lately.

{Nutshell - My Life}

Work, Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years, New Babies (and baby showers), friends/family in town, running, celebrating our 3rd Anniversary, volunteering at my 1st Ironman (whoa), preparing for the Holidays AND thoroughly enjoying them (parties yes please), making new goals, a trip up North to a haunted hotel, marathon training in full effect and eying some more races), running a 10 mile race and a half marathon...which resulted in a new PR, booking some trips (oh boy!) and embarking on one amazing

So yeah...all that. I won't spend the time going back through the details. I was sick on and off about 3 times over the Holidays which is never ideal but I am 100% now and feel great. My running took a bit of a hit with all that and I am noticing it quite a bit in my speed, endurance and my lung capacity. That's OK, I feel healthy and injury free so I'm content with that.

Coming up...

February 2nd - Desert Classic Half Marathon (training run)
February 17th - IMS Arizona Marathon 

The last few weeks at glance, in numbers:
  • 43 miles
  • 47 miles
  • 34 miles (setback week, whew)
  • 46 miles
  • Current week (tapering) 12 miles
I am extremely sore today from a couple of new HIIT workouts the past 2 days, so I skipped today's run in lieu of rest so I have 2 full days before my half on Saturday.

Looking forward to:
    •  The Phoenix Open this weekend. Party time, excellent.
    •  Super Bowl Sunday!
    • A night in Sedona to celebrate my Dad's 65th's a surprise, shhh.
    • Girls Weekend in San Fran.
    • Our FIRST trip to Europe. I.cannot.wait.
    • Working on my race calendar and trying a new to me distance, gulp!
    How about a mini photo bomb?

    What's new with you?


    1. I wish I could run that half with you this weekend!! Wahhhhh. Okay, pity party over. Glad you're back. I missed you :)

    2. Not a bad update at all! And 47 miles?!? In one week? Wow... I really need to get my ass back in gear - you are my hero!

    3. You are racking up some training miles! My shin is just starting to feel not so angry anymore so maybe I'll be able to work back up more as I'm hitting only the 30-35 range + cross training. But you are set to PR in the full!

      Speaking of the marathon, Friday I signed up for IMS - I couldn't say no to the downhill course siren song. So maybe I'll see you there! I'm driving out Saturday morning, and will leave pretty much right after I'm done.