Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Fresh Perspective

Running races.

It's fun, it's exhilarating, and always having one on the horizon is the best way the keep in shape. For me, it's a way at being held accountable. Knowing I must run "XX" miles this week so I don't hurt myself/fail miserably at upcoming race "X".

And then there is burn out. When you dread waking up Sunday morning at 5am to run a stupid race in the stupid sun. Especially stupid when your knee/leg is still hurting.

So I ran this stupid race a couple weeks ago. And I was really looking forward to this one as I had ran it 2 years prior when I was still a "newer runner" than I am now. I'm not sure what happened during that race that crept into my brain and gave me a case of the bad attitudes.

Mountain to Fountain 15K
 I should really have no reason. I'm lucky really.....I have 2 legs, I'm healthy, I live in a beautiful city for running, so what happened?

I guess burn out. I have been consistently entering races since August of last summer and I need a break.

I let running get into my head too much at times and forget WHY I run in the first place.

It makes me feel good. Free.

It lets me be outside, enjoying the pretty neighborhood I live in and the temperate weather we have.

It lets me wave at neighbors/dogs and see the coyotes and javelina on cool mornings (cheesy yes, but I love seeng this stuff out running).

The last couple weeks have been void of much running. A 3 or 4 miler here and there. I let myself be a slacker...and hello, that's ok. This isn't my job. I'm not fast, I don't win races. I do it for fun. For the people I have met along the way (and the extra pizza I get to eat doesn't hurt).

I've gained a couple pounds...which isn't awesome. At all.

I put on my shoes and went out last night with no plan... And damn it felt good. 3 miles. And I did it again tonight. 5 miles.

They were the fastest, best 2 runs I've had in a long time.

I have no races planned until August and until then I vow to run like this as often as I can.

Because it's  fun.