Saturday, November 5, 2011

Women's Half Expo

In and Out in record time, approximately 8 minutes. BAM!

I was in the area last night, so I figured I would pop in on my way home and grab my packet. At about 6:15, it was MUCH quieter than I expected...but I suppose all the crazies will be there tomorrow.

It was at a resort I am very familiar with, so navigating the parking lot and finding the room was a piece of cake. I was supposed to receive my bib number by email about a week ago, but never did so I looked it up on a big huge board, filled out my release, walked over to my designated line and grabbed my bib. I skipped down the hallway and downstairs to the Expo to get my schwag bag and t-shirt. After getting my t-shirt, I promptly turned around and headed back out instead of wandering through all the vendors and such...I wasn't there to buy anything or deal with the crowds, so I peaced outta there and got my butt home to my cute husband.

There are approximately 6,000 women running the half, and 1,000 women running the 5k. There are only 6 corrals for the half marathoners (seems like a few too many, but what do I know?) and your bib number corresponds with your estimated finish time. I haven't seen it done this way before, and I kinda like it....runners 1000-1999 are in corral 1, runners 2000-2999 are in corral 2, and so on. We will see how smooth THAT goes in the am.

On another's cold as $%*^ out. I hope I don't freeze my butt off tomorrow....I might be rethinking my outfit choice.

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