Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cold Weather Running for Idiots

Living in Arizona, cold weather running isn't really a thought. All those articles that come out in the winter Runner's World magazine and posted throughout the internet during the holidays...they don't really apply.

So you can see my dilemna when I packed my tiny weekend bag to head up to the cabin. I packed some sweats, long sleeves, my cyclying shorts, a pair of running shorts and long sleeve running shirt.

Then this happened on Saturday.

I welcomed this sight....it was beautiful and finally got me into the Holiday mood! I knew a run was not in the books, so I hoped on my trusty bike/trainer combo and spun myself into 45 minutes of sweat induced bliss, all while in the comfort of the indoors. Sunday I woke up to sunshine and melted snow so I talked myself into running a nice easy 5 miles at the local high school track. 35 degrees?

I don't know which was worse...my outfit or the fact that I froze my ass off.

I did my 5 miles and hurried my butt home for a hot bath and a cup of chai tea.

Lesson learned? Oh yes, pack warmer shit.

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