Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lately. And a PR.

Busy Week. Whew.


A new baby arrived....and she is amazing, adorable and absolutely perfect.  I'm in love.

We Trick-or-Treated with Cyn, Jeff and little Natalie.

I attended a baby shower (do we sense a theme amongst my girlfriends?)

Wade was gone a few days working on projects at our Cabin, so I had some QT with my puppies.

And the best of all. I got my PR. I am on cloud 9 right now!

I set an intention this race during my first mile. I ran for NYC. I ran for my husband. And I ran for my new "niece" and her Momma...who better get her ass in gear once she is cleared so she can run side by side with me. I stayed out of my own head the entire race which I have NEVER accomplished before. I was happy, I felt good. I stopped smiling at all the cheering spectators at mile 11 because I was so focused on my goal and was feeling like a robot at that point. I hope no one thougth I was a grouchy ahole. I wasn't, I promise.

I almost cried when I looked at my Garmin at mile 12.5 and KNEW I was going to make it. Hard work pays off....what a concept.

Time to celebrate. (and set a new goals)

(Edited to add official results)


  1. yah girl!!! Congrats on your PR!

    Baby = adorable!!!!

  2. Aweeee so sweet Lou!! Love you and I am so proud of you!!! Xoxo can't wait to run it with you next year! ;)

  3. P.s. Quinny said she's proud of you too...

  4. So proud of you!!! And not even a teensy bit surprised. You're amazing!!