Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beauty is Pain...Right?

There is nothing that is more annoying than when people say "at least it's a dry heat". Ya, we have this lil thing called Monsoon Season here in beautiful Phoenix. It was HUMID and HOT out today and has been pretty much everyday for the last few weeks. Let's add in some thick hot air to that 193* heat and you have pure evil. My only saving grace is that I live in the North part of the Valley...higher elevation = slightly cooler temps. I guess I should be happy we have had an unseasonably "cooler" summer than we usually do...I mean, the high is only 106* today. ;) I had a 5 mile run this morning and as I suspected they would be, my legs were sore from the gym on Tuesday and my track workout and hike on Wednesday. I'm having a hard time finding a way to get my strength training in at the gym without getting so sore that it affects my runs for the week, I felt like I had sandbags tied to my feet this morning. It sucked but I got through it and as usual, felt happy and satisfied when I was done.

Kill Me.

Today is going to be a gym day as well. I've always struggled with "a plan" at the gym. Most people tell you to work out certain groups on certain days, blah blah blah....and for me, that just doesn't work. I prefer an all over regime to hit everything each time, and to complete it 2-3 days a week. I did a little research online on exercises specific to people who run, and I came up with something that I think is going to work out for me and my goals, and hopefully I won't get bored with to fast!  At the advice of my SIL (who won her first Figure Competition last year and is basically a badass in all areas of her life) I'm going to refrain from using weights on my legs in an attempt to lean them out a bit and use body weight instead. Ugh, jump squats here I come!

Yup, I think I'll listen to her...

So yeah, my legs hurt today and they'll hurt tomorrow too....but it's a good pain, right?

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