Monday, July 25, 2011

First. Post. Ever

On occasion, I popped over here to this "blog" of mine (if you can even call it that yet) and pondered to myself if I should actually take the first step and write something. 

Just something. 

But I always hit the little red X in the top corner and go along with my day. I ask myself all these questions:

"WHAT am I going to write about"
"WHO will possibly read Mom or BFF probably won't even think I'm cool or funny, or informative"
" I have the time"

But in the end it doesn't really matter....who cares if no one reads it, or if people think I'm dumb or boring...this my own little space in my own crazy mind. I follow several blogs religiously, daily. They make me laugh and giggle about random rants or funny pictures. I learn new things everyday. I gather recipes and occasionally leave a comment cheering my "friends" along anonymously. These people have INSPIRED me to capture my life in more than just my eyes. To hold myself accountable in what I eat, how I treat my body. And most important, to continue to run. And to run faster and harder. And that why I am taking my first step.

I'm so cool.

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