Saturday, September 24, 2011

ALMOST there...but not quite

I ALMOST hit my 30 mile goal this week, but came up short 1.5 measly miles. DOH! WILL be mine next week.

But, I'll make up for it tomorrow with beastly bike ride.

I started running today at 5 am. Pretty stupid if you ask me. I hardly slept the last 2 nights, but I had a running date with my girl Kara, so I had no excuses, plus I knew I needed to get a longer run in sooner than later. The longest runs I have done since the AFC half are a few 8's (besides double days) - whooooops! I ran the first 5 miles in the dark (that's why it was stupid) but I got to watch the sun come up, and it wasn't hot as balls out, and my pace was super without even pushing myself. It was one of those runs that really pumps you up and makes you confident in what you are doing.

Go me!

The rest of the day will be a little work, spending time with Wade, a lil shopping, a dinner date....and watching as much bad TV as possible.

Happy Weekend!

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