Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend, Here and Gone

This weekend flew by, as they always do. We headed up to our "home away from home" Friday night, truck full of food, odds and ends and of course, our dogs and cat. (yup, I said cat)

Luna the Traveling Cat. She's a BIG fan of being smooshed into this thing for 2.5 hours straight.

Pissed Off

We got there late. Ate late. Went to bed late. Woke up kinda late.
----> insert shitass run here <----

But then the fun began. As I mentioned before, we had a few extra house guests this trip. It was the first group of our families to join us up North at our new little cabin. We were excited to spend time with them. To laugh, tell silly stories and pretty much act like the idiots that we are. And fortunately no one can really afford to be judgmental up here in the sticks....there are some interesting characters in these parts, hillbilly USA, yo.  Wade's sister is funny. Really funny. And his bro-in-law. Equally funny. So ya, we had a lot of laughs. We took them to lunch, and fishing at the lake.This was a "first time" experience for the girls, and we honored to be a part of it. Proud Aunt and Uncle moments here....

 We BBQ'd brats and toasted smores in front of a big and beautiful campfire. We made a big family style breakfast on Sunday and then they were off to make the trek down the mountain. A great time was had by all. I sure love those little Princesses.

Wade and I spent Sunday antique-ing and shopping, and painting exterior doors and mirrors. Out with the boring old white, and in with green!

 We always go on a cabin style "date night" and it's typically filled with a big fat marg and some tasty chicken and shrimp salads at the local Mexican Joint. We watched a movie and hit the sack. Pretty rocking night if you ask me. Check out Wade's VERY serious model pose face, sexy.

And today, we took out the bikes. It was a little scary, not gonna lie. It was windy and there was a fair amount of traffic headed out of "town" and back to the Valley. I probably looked stupid hanging out for dear life as I whipped down those hills at 20/mph...but then again, the spandex probably made me look more stupid.

12.5 miles done. Hopefully my ass doesn't hurt too bad tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day y'all!

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