Friday, September 16, 2011

My Life is SO exciting.

I didn't blog yesterday or post my "3 Thing Thursday" that I have told myself to do each Thursday. Should I feel bad? I did. A little.

But that's OK, because like 2 people read this blog...and 1 of those is my BFF and she probably just reads to be nice.

I was a pretty busy little beaver yesterday. Working. Painting. And spending 672 hours assembling my new new desk. Now I know why I only paid $500 bucks for it. Manual labor ain't cheap. Good thing I have Wade.

So today is Friday...and let me tell you, my life is very exciting. I'm stuck at home this morning because our carpets are being cleaned (thank you very much to our dogs) and then off to the Cabin!

Anything else exciting happen over the past 2 days? Hmmm....I scored ONE thing from Target from The Missoni for Target line. As usual, I forgot and strolled in the next day. But I guess I should be happy I got one thing and I actually LOVE it, I heard it was nuts there!

I've put some miles in this week....did my longest weekday run ever on Thursday (8 miles - gangsta) and managed to bust out one strength training session as well.

Told ya I was exciting.

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