Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Operation: Office Makeover

Check out this sad little room we have in our home, I should be ashamed to be showing you this...

We call it an office, but really it should be coined "The Dumping Grounds/Cat Room/Fugly Shit Room". We have hauled off a few things up to the Cabin so at least it's cleared out now and ready for some REAL decoration. And I'm ready for a big girl office.

I work from home a lot. And I NEVER use this so called "office". I take over the dining room table or I prop my laptop on my lap in the living room and plug away. But let's face it, that's not efficient, and it's certainly not good on my ole' back and neck.

Wade is all for this little room makeover. He has offered to help and is letting me take the reins and make it MY room. So I shall.

A few things I have picked out so far...
Bookshelf (with baskets)

Accent Wall Paint Color

Desk with Hutch

Still debating on what type of chair I want....solid, zebra (or other animal print) or a patterned/bright/fun fabric. I have a few bright and fun chairs downstairs, so I might scratch that. We'll see what I find...I'm trying to keep a reasonable budget here, so that might make my decision a little easier.

A cute side-table, lamp and some sassy wall art will complete my "vision".

I'm pretty stoked. Update to follow....

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