Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I know I beat myself up a little bit after my weekend submerged in beer and lack of exercise. Yesterday I felt fat and sluggish and like I sucked really really bad. 

But today, I started out the day my favorite way. Running outside, with Wade. We live in a lovely and physically active community that runs along a desert preserve....almost every morning hot air balloons are  rising up over the cactus as we skip our way along the pavement.

I ran 6 awesome miles. No knee pain....less sweat than usual (hallelujah weather Goddess) and I felt great.

Full of gratitude. 

Appreciative of MY body. My lungs, my legs, my feet, my core. I may not be fast but dammit, I can run.

And THIS is why I run.


  1. every morning?!? I think i get a chance to them MAYBE once a year... lucky...

  2. Yup! We live in an area where A LOT of people like to balloon ride I guess! LOL.