Monday, October 10, 2011


This past weekend was FULL of races held across the Country. I was glued to my computer and phone as I watched news come in announcing times of the elites runners, the Ironman athletes and friends (blogger friends) sharing stories and results. Chicago, Kona, Portland, Long Beach.

Amazing. Inspiring. Humbling.

Liliya Shobukhova (Women's winner Chicago 2011)

I read a story on a blog of someone who didn't have such a "hot race". (in her opinion anyway) In my opinion, she was amazing. Courageous. It's sad to see someone upset over a comment left on a personal blog. How dare someone knock someone down for not running a PR? I personally have never done The Marathon, so anyone that can wrap their head around 26.2, register, and show up on race day, shoes laced up tight, is a HERO to me. Slow or fast, it is definitely an accomplishment. 

As I have mentioned, I toy around with the idea of's a battle in my head. I know my body could probably struggle through it. But can my mind help push my body to the end? I don't know.

I think signing up for the Desert Classic 30k in December is my idea of dipping my toes into the water...until then I'll watch from the sidelines.

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