Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ragnar LV - Day 1

Day 1 - Operation Drive

Team Name: "We are the 12 best friends that anyone can have". Hangover theme, all kinds of wrong. 

Van 1 met at my house around 2pm on Thursday. The hours leading up to it...not as smooth as I expected. We had some confusion with the van rental, my phone wouldn't stop ringing with annoying work stuff and Wade's foot still hurt.

But once we were all crammed into a SWEET van, it was smooth sailing. No traffic, no accidents, lots of snacks, music and nervous excitement filled the van. It would later be filled with less pleasant things...

We arrived at Exchange 6, Calville Bay, where we had a SICK houseboat waiting for us. Van 2 was already there, with a delicious pasta dinner ready for us to inhale.

We got to know each other, ate, laughed, made some ridiculous "motivational" signs and hit the sack pretty early. It was odd to not have alcohol involved with this group of people....

Super weird.

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