Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Traditions

I was just dreaming about the insanely delicious (and fattening) casserole my Momma has made every Christmas morning since I can remember and it got me thinking about traditions.

This is my 7th Christmas with Wade...and we are slowly creating our own traditions. Newest one we are working on....Christmas Eve! We have always spent this eve alone, by choice. It was our time to spend exchanging gifts, being at home, drinking wine, cooking fancy dinners and going to the local Zoolights display at the Phoenix Zoo. This year we are mixing it up. My best friend moved back to AZ this fact just 1.5 miles away and naturally, spending this important night with her, her husband and my adorable Goddaughter is a no brainer.

Can't resist THIS face!

What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

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