Monday, January 30, 2012


Saturday was my my 6th half-marathon. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it with my knee/IT band giving me troubles and after losing my precious Garmin on Friday morning (haven't told that story, I'm still upset about it) which kind of put me in a funk and probably because I depend on it too much.

Which is stupid. I know.

If was my club's race, so I was going anyway to help out....why not run, right? I was NOT excited about the fact that the in-and-back course was uphill for the first half. Yup.

Kara and I started out together...and plugged along for the first one point she screamed at me "what the f&*# is with these hills dude!" I laughed at her crazy ass and kept plugging away. I was actually doing just fine with the slow incline and felt pretty good. Our pace (according to her yelling out times) was hovering around 8:30-8:45/pace which is pretty much where I hoped to be. We hit the turn around point and kept cruising, her foot was bothering her so she dropped back a bit and I kept on trucking. I got kind of lonely towards the end as it was a small race and and that point we had all spaced out on the course. I had NO idea what kind of pace was running which was irritating and liberating at the same time and around mile 9.5 my knee/IT band starting to irritate me, a lot. There was one big hill at the end (so effin rude) and I cruised to the finish where we all bitched about how the course felt uphill the WHOLE time.

Thank you photog, for capturing my thunder thighs in photo #1 and the look of pain in photo #2. Awesome.

Annnnnnnd, Wade and Brian ran with their shirts off, total boyfriends. I swear, those boys compete at everything! 

Our timing system had a little mess-up so I'm still waiting on results but I think I was right around 1:54:XX...I'm happy with that I suppose, I'm happy I ran. My body is pissed off a little bit, but I'll be OK.

I literally limped back and forth between registration/food and the finish line.

I hung around for a while packing stuff up, bringing the full marathoners in and passing out water before we took off to grab lunch and beers.

And I made Grimaldi's pizza my bitch that night. It was amazing.


  1. Thanks for sharing glad you got #6 under your belt. Still waiting for final results...nothing wrong with healthy competition! Just glad it is with a cool guy!