Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lessons of A Rookie

Let's face it. I am CLEARLY not one to give advice on anything running related....getting faster, what races are cool or fun, how to PR, what ratio of carbs to protein to eat for ideal race weight, blah blah blah. What I CAN tell you is how to be a total moron, and learn a lesson. Sometimes.

Fact: I have an injury.

Duh. I decided to be the smart little "runner" (I use that term very loosely, let's be honest) that I am, and rest. For one whole week, And I did it. And then I ran up North last weekend. And I hurt again. And I ran without my insoles because I left them in my other shoes at home. And instead of stopping immediately when I felt a twinge of stubborn-ass brain MADE me run until I hit 5 miles. Cause' I like things to be even and stuff. Mental case, I know. 

So I decided to take this week off as well. Give it a rest. Better to rest now than to rest 3 weeks pre-marathon, right? Right. So here I am resting. Riding my bike, doing weird at home workouts.

I had an epiphany yesterday when the UPS man dropped off my beautiful new/old Brooks Trance 10's. You see, I immediately tore open the box, hugged them and put them on my feet. Skinny jeans and all - I'm a real class act. And then I marched my butt upstairs to do some "scientific research". And for the record Brooks, I think it's a little rude of you to not make these for me in pink, a little rude.

I know, I'm special.
First, I put my shiny new Brooks Trance on my left foot (source of gimpiness) and my Saucony Craptastic (nothing against Saucony, just sayin) on my right foot and had a light bulb moment. It was like a Christmas MIRACLE. They are 110% different in the arch, the padding, the toe box. WHY did I stop wearing this shoe? I pronate. I roll in. I pull my IT band every single damn time I run, strike and roll in - with no support.

I called my husband. I texted my running friends to tell them my news. Share my excitement. I skipped on my walk last night. Of course, I haven't ran yet, because I'm not a total idiot and I really am resting....but I am secretly hoping that when I lace up Sunday, I feel no pain.

I'm a God Damn genius I tell you. OK not really. It was SO obvious I'm kinda mad at myself for turning my cheek to the whole potential shoe issue.

Oh well. Lesson learned. Don't eff up a good thing. Don't recreate the wheel. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


  1. Yay! Glad you got reunited with your shoes!

    Happy feet = a happy runner :) I once made the mistake of picking shoes based on cuteness/colors - and let me tell you..never again! I'm still trying to overcome that injury

  2. I had a really similar aha moment today! Hooray!!! I hope you feel AWESOME on Sunday!!

  3. I do the same thing - think there is something better out there, instead of sticking with what has been working fine all along! I, however, am a huge saucony fan;-) Glad you figured it out!

  4. I totally wore my new Sauconys under my desk at work when they arrived last week. How could I deny my feet such pleasure! Hope you heal up and that the shoes make a difference!

  5. I love Brooks!! And since my injury, I've been rocking them with my insoles everywhere I can! I think my boyfriend is embarrassed to be in public with me, but my feet are happy :P