Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yoga, a run and pizza...

Quick recap.

I had a super weekend mixed with friends, fitness, food, and a little bit of work of course.


  • Friday evening "Ladies Night" with some of my favorite girls...Japanese and a glass-o-wine.
  • Saturday morning yoga in the part led by my great yogi friend, Erin. 
  • Saturday night date night with my cute hubs at a new restaurant, pizza included.
  • My first attempt at a "long" run since Ragnar. Rough. Cold. Slightly painful. 
  • >----Insert work here----< 
  • My delicious Tuscan Kale and Salmon dinner. Sunday Night dinner at it's finest. 
I also managed to squeeze in some shopping. I am still on a shopping strike, and I technically didn't spend any money because I had a credit at a cute little boutique/resale store where I had sold some items. SCORE! My favorite "buy", which I think will be a good summer staple to my wardrobe. Brand spankin new and by Nine West.

I worked at MAC yesterday and picked up some several essentials while I was there...and a couple new fun things.

I have issues. I realllllly needed 2 new lipglosses. I did. Swear. 


So on the topic of my "long run". I wasn't looking forward for this for 2 reasons.

1. Rain was in the forecast.
2. I'm STILL sick.

I was also sore from my killer yoga session the day before, but I think it helped loosen up my tight hips.


I sucked it up and set out, all alone, on my trek. I was aiming for 8-10...hoping for 10, would be satisfied with 8. Still frustrated that I should technically be running 18. But moving along... It was freezing cold, (yet I still wore shorts WITH compression socks and long sleeves, der) very overcast, and I was just praying to beat the rain. And it was clear...for 7 miles.

And at mile 7...the sprinkles started falling, my leg started hurting and then it hailed. Funny thing is...it took me that whole time to get into my groove.


I limped through the last couple miles....walking several times and stretching out my cold legs. I made it to 9 miles and headed in. I was cold, hurting and sick of being sick.

But I'm glad I did it...shitty runs like that make good runs SO much better. I'm hoping for one today in fact. I'm also hoping that it's a good sign that my leg stopped hurting immediately and hasn't bothered me since, whereas before, it hurts for a few days afterwards.

Baby steps.

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