Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A 5k & Fishin'

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Weekend....I only worked a teeny bit.

Sooooo...the 5k. Let's back up to my post about running a 5k and back up to Wednesday where I got the scoop on how this actual race works. I was at my board meeting for the Arizona Road Racers (we host the race) and during a conversation a few of the guys made it clear that this race was "not a race to PR". Apparently, the start is quite unique and quite odd. It's a wave start based on the previous years average age group pace...slowest group starting first and releasing age groups in waves every 30 seconds.

2 words. Cluster. Fuc*.

My age group (25-29) wasn't too far back, so I only spent 75% of the race stuck behind random 11 years olds (stop, start, stop, start) and 58 year old women (hi, we jog 4 people wide and don't move to let people through) so ya, I spent lots of time running around people, and being annoyed. But that's OK...after my warning on Wednesday night, I was fully prepared to not PR. Luckily I still did, but barely....and it wasn't a time I was really excited about. Unfortunately, one of our timing mats had an issue, so I'm not really sure what my time was. All good though. I have another in 2 weeks.

And no...I didn't take any pics...between getting there SUPER early to help with registration and making a mad dash to the bathrooms to start on time, I forgot. Bad blogger.

We made a mad dash home, showered and packed up the truck and our critters to head up North to the cabin for the rest of the weekend. The weather was finally perfect (warm and sunny and cold at night) and we spent the rest of the weekend cooking, lounging, painting, walking and fishing. It was perfect.

End of story. 

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  1. Damn that is a weird ass race start. I don't get it.