Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5K or die

Yup. I have a 5k this weekend. I hate 5k's. But my club puts on this race and several others throughout the summer. 

Run fast, run hard, try not to puke. I mean, I could run slow...but what fun is that? Not that my idea of fast is actually "fast" but ya know. I might try to get a PR one of these times...my last 5k I PR's in was in July 11' - 90 degrees, soooo it shouldn't be too hard, right? (except that stupid hill in the beginning, rude)

 I'm running with the boys this weekend, hold me. 


  1. What 5k? Sat or Sun? I wanna do iiiiit!!!

  2. Ugh, I hate 5Ks too. Though I feel less hatred towards them the more I go to my running club's track workouts.

    I am doing one Sunday because I couldn't say no to a $13 shwaggle 5 miles from my house.