Saturday, May 5, 2012

Setting Expectations

Most people set goals. Career goals, financial goals, family goals.

Racing goals.

I have set racing  goals in the past, and they may seem small compared to many other bloggers and runners out there. That's OK though, because they are my goals. To finish my first half marathon, to set a new PR, complete a Ragnar Relay, run 20 long miles during a training run, all while avoiding injury.

Run a full marathon.

This goal has been on my mind ever since completing my first half marathon 1.5 years ago. It was lofty, but doable. I'm not going to lie....I would love to have an impressive time goal for this, and of course, I have one in the back of my mind that is realistic and something I will use as a guide to keep me going this coming Sunday.  But I am going to choose to gently tuck it away, and enjoy the ride instead of run for time.

Being submersed in the world of running changes your outlook. Running 13.1? No biggie. PR's, negative splits, speedwork, etc....completely foreign to the majority of people out there. 

Fact is. Running 26.2 in itself is a huge feat. (I need to remember that)

Enjoy every single moment. I have run countless miles (not true, I have a spreadsheet with all my miles on it), put way too much thought into the logistics, the planning, the details, the fear of the unknown.

I am going to soak in the views of the ocean and beaches, the lovely palm lined streets, thank and smile at the volunteers, cheerleaders and supporters holding up silly signs and clapping and yelling for strangers. I will walk when I feel I need to, drink when my body doesn't tell me to, and be proud when I cross that finish line.

We made it safe and sound to Newport Beach late last night, long drive, but well worth it. We woke up this morning (6:15am first day of vacation, wtf) and took the pups out and were greeting with an amazing view. This beach rental is impeccable (ocean views, whaaaaat) and the weather is perfect.

We hit up the expo, had lunch at an AZ favorite (True Food Kitchen), had a beer, and bummed around the rest of the day.

And then carbed up for reals.

Off to lay out my stuff, eat a brownie and hit the sack! Wish me luck!


  1. You're going to do amazing today Lindsay!! I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to hear your recap!!

  2. Good luck today!! What an amazing experience to meet your goals!!