Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Rambles

Today is Friday, yay!

Oh wait, I'm a Realtor so what is a Friday? Kidding...I actually might not have much work going on this weekend....and for that, I am grateful.

I don't have anything specific to write about so I thought I'd tie up all my random ramblings into one post.

The Weather and Running.

Hot as hell. 112 today. So.Not.Ready.For.This. I'm trying to get back on a regular running schedule, but just like always, unless I have something planned it's reallllly hard for me. I ran 5 miles on Tuesday/Wednesday and will be running at the gym today(3) and a longish run tomorrow am. I think the longest I have ran since the marathon is 6 miles, so I'm just going to 8, in an attempt to take it slow. My goal is run no less than 20/week to keep a good base. If I sign up for the half I am eying....then bring it on. That leads me to my next subject...


Phoenix in the summer is nasty. All I want to do is leave and go somewhere that cools off at night and makes me not miserable and not a stabby bitch. I really want to run the AFC Half again this year (San Diego in August, yes please) so I am working on making that happen.

My Hopeful Agenda:
  • End of June  - San Fran
  • End of July - Seattle with Mom (booked!)
  • Mid August - SD for the AFC Half
Europe is on my bucket list and I'd love to make that happen before we decide to make the decision to start a family...but we shall see. I'm also doing a little "Staycation" with some girlfriends this month so while we won't be escaping the heat, we will be drinking cocktails and floating down the lazy river. Good enough!

Home Improvement.

My husband and I were really considering buying a new home this summer, but decided last night to stick it out in this one for another year or so and make this year the year to travel, save more money, have fun and just "be". I'm really content with the decision and because we are staying, we are going to do a few things around here to spruce it up!

  • Pool Resurfacing. From Plaster to Pebbletech
  • Redo shower in master bath (blech, so gross)
  • Exterior paint

Random Shit.
  • Good Form Running class tomorrow, pretty excited.  
  • Dinner Date Night tonight or tomorrow.
  •  Paint my janky nails/toes (ah, the life I live)
That's it. Off to run on the hamster wheel. In my NEW SHOES!

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  1. Didn't know you were a realtor! If we ever decide to buy property in AZ, I'll have to ring you up. It's a long shot but I love the Ahwatukee area near that big ass park. And Tempe. And Spring Training!!! But the heat. It's kind of ridiculous.