Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Bruised Foot

I ran a glorious 34 miles last week. It was nice to get back over 30 miles/week and I felt great mentally and physically. Until a weird little pain started in the pad of my left foot, near the toes.

It never fails. I'm blamed 2 factors.

1. The Treadmill
2. My Minimalist Shoes

I hadn't realized that the treadmill could be the culprit, but after talking to a rather experienced runner about the bruise like feeling, she offered up that little piece of reasoning saying that she avoids it because it really "tweaks her form".

Makes perfect sense. Always learning. Always growing. Sometimes hurting.

And the shoes. I still love them...but I ran 6 miles in them in one shot and I know better than that. My feet, ankles and all the little muscles just aren't strong enough for that yet.

So I took Tuesday and Wednesday off of running and instead cross trained today using this beauty:

I busted out 30 minutes on that and then 12 minutes of high intense intervals on the stairs. I felt a little dorky on it at first, but got into a groove after a few minutes. I liked the way it felt vs. the way I don't like how I feel on an elliptical, so I think I'll keep it in my Xtraining arsenal. I was dripping sweat and I looked beautiful when I arrived at my appointment to get my oil changed after my workout. What? You don't run errands sweaty? Psh. My trainer had an emergency and couldn't make our session today, so I did a repeat of last Wednesday's which was upper body/arms. I feel like I could see a few teeny muscle popping out while I lifted, so it was encouraging!

My foots feels WAY better today after some serious RICE-ing, so I'm going to wake up early and run some miles out on the roads...just like I like it.

I won a FREE pair of shoes from this Cute & Speedy Girl through her giveaway sponsored by Mizuno and their Mezamashii Project. Brilliant Mizuno, absolutely brilliant. Check it out.

I got a code. Shopped online. Called the special number. Consulted with a fit specialist. And BAM, my shoes are on their way.

I am stoked to try some Mizuno's!

Anyone else like the ARC trainer?

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