Saturday, July 7, 2012

SF Photo Bomb

Day 1

A BIG Birthday. A Flight.. A Westin Lunch. An Upgraded Room. A Seafood Dinner. Many Many Drinks. And we just might have gotten escorted out of a club #2...whoops. I swear it wasn't me. (side-eyeing my husband)

Day 2

A Hangover. Irish Coffees at Buena Vista. Wine Country (nuff said). Sushi Dinner.

Day 3

A Drag Brunch. Shopping. A Bar Tour. A Thai Massage. Clam Chowda

Day 4

Union Square Shopping. China Town. A Goodbye Lunch. A Flight.

Wade and I have traveled to SF together and separate and it was really fun and refreshing to see it from a local's perspective. I can't wait to visit again in October! (hint, I'll be there for a race too)

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