Monday, August 20, 2012

AFC Recap, 2012 Version

AFC Recap from last year here.

Well. I did it. And it SUCKED. OK, not really.

I'm not going to type out a full play by play because let's be honest...does anyone actually read that? And oh ya, I'm still on vacation!

I was slightly worried going into this race for a few reasons:

1. It was hot. 72 degrees at the start line. And in San Diego, that's hot. And this course is hilly
2. My left knee/muscle thing I have had issues with in the past felt a little off.
3. Being sick a week before the race left me feeling less than confident. (I know, so stupid)

Rockin our Lulu Gear

It was hot. Like all my clothes were soaking wet hot. It was a combo of sweat/water I dumped on my head at every aid station/people hosing down runners from their hoses.

Being an AZ girl, I wasn't too worried about the weather. And I did fine. I drank water at EVERY station (which I don't always do) and plugged along at a comfortable pace. Once I realized how warm it was I settled into the run and just tried to enjoy myself. But holy moly was it hot. I could feel my skin burning. No escaping it either. No shade. No breeze.

And I did. Races are so fun. 13.1 miles goes by so fast. So many people to watch. Signs to read. High fives to give. I knew I wasn't going to PR and I was totally good with that.

That hill at the end was just as ugly as I remembered.

I was crusty and wet at the finish line. But I was smiling. I felt good. No pains. No aches.

I rode my shiny new cruiser the rest of the day. Grubbed on the beach. Oyster Shooters. Had a few beers.

Ended the evening with some delicious pizza. More beers. More cruising.

We are moving rental houses today...rough experience with the one we are in but all things happen for a reason. This reason is, the new place is ONE house back from the beach/boardwalk in Mission Beach. I'm so excited I can't even stand it.

Wade and I have a date tonight at one of our favorite San Diego restaurants, George's. I brought a fancy new dress and I might even wear wedges vs. flip flops.

Off to the beach.

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  1. Great job girl! Looks like you had some awesome celebratory food and drink after! :)

    Good luck with the moving!!!