Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girl In A Bubble...

So halfway through my run yesterday morning, I stopped and retied my shoes. I never do this, but my new Brooks have felt quite a bit looser on my feet than my last pair of Nike's. I cinched em pretty tight around mile 3 and proceeded with my run thinking the whole time "damn that's tight". I got home and did my usual ritual of drinking water, mopping the gallon of sweat of my body and stretching. About 30 minutes later a sharp pain in my ankle hit me like a ton of bricks! Of course I didn't say much to Wade (I try not to be a whiny beotch), but grabbed an ice pack and thought I'd be good. Of course, it got increasingly worse and I'm sure the fact that I was freaking out the whole time didn't help.

"What if I can't finish my training"
"What if I injure myself further"
"What if I can't run this half"
"What if I can NEVER RUN AGAIN"

*Cue dramatic Lifetime movie music here

Being the Medical Specialist I am and having a degree in Google Searchology, I discovered it was my tibialis anterior tendon ( <--- fancy eh?) that was strained. I asked my Chiropractor friend if tying my shoes too tight could have done it and he said "absolutely, just ice it and be less stupid from this day forward". Great advice, although I can't guarantee the less stupid part, I mean who ties their shoes too tight? I iced, Aleve'd, Icy Hot'd, and even wore my compression socks all day...even to the grocery store, sexy.

Hey, at least I wore sweats!

I woke up this morning feelin 99% better...I'm going to run on the treadmill today vs pavement to give it a lil more cushion.

Anyone else had a scare close to a race? I'm SO paranoid to get hurt or sick. Yikes!

"Wanna hug it out?"


  1. Glad its feeling better today! Be careful!!!

  2. This post made me laugh. Reading about injuries makes me want to dress in bubble wrap too!