Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm a New Woman!

So since my little scare the other day and spending a day feeling like the Girl In A Bubble, I have completed 2 runs and a nice and schweaty strength sesh and guess what, I'm all good. Here is what my strength session consisted of:

3 x 15 Calf Press on Leg Machine (no extra weights added)
3 x 15 Walking Lunges (each leg 15 lunges/set)
3 x 15 Plie Squats with 10 pulses at end of each set, 10 lb plate
3 x 10 One Legged Squats, 1 10 lb plate
3 x 12 Barbell Curls, 30 lb barbell
3 x 12 Incline Butterfly, 10 lb hand weights
3 x 15 Cable Rope Overhead Tri Extensions, 25 lbs
3 x 12 Ab Crunch Machine, 20 lbs
3 x 12 Hanging Leg Raise Machine (no extra weights added)

Goals after seeing this on "paper". Up my reps to 15-20, keeping weight the same and eventually increasing weight.

On another note....3 times now, this crazy woman on a bike has tried to play chicken with my and my husband while running in our neighborhood...and we don't even run together! We have HUGE shoulders and plenty of other bikers are courteous enough to share with us as we cross paths. I got a little pissed off and went all WT on her today and YELLED really loud as she almost hit me. Whoops. But I kinda felt better.

Some people are so effin rude, I swear.


I won't say what my slightly more brazen husband did to scare her when she did the same thing to him....

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  1. I feel ya on this! I've been almost mowed down so many times!!! Grrrrr. I'm glad I'm not the only psycho out there screaming at people!