Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life's a Beach...

I know, I suck. I've been FAR too busy being a beach bum to post on my lil blog.

We arrived at 1:30 am Friday night/Saturday morning and have been busy doing the following:

Napping, Beach Cruisin, Half Marathoning, Beer Drinking, Seafood Eating, Sunset Loving, Spa Going, Dog Walking fools.....


The race went smoothly, was a beautiful course and we were both satisfied with our end results. Another one under the belt. I was happy to not shit my shorts, pass out, or fall down the hill at the beginning. Wade was pumped to make the 2 mile hill at the end his bitch. Hey, we're all different, right? Race Recap to follow.

Off to drink wine and eat cheese with my most favorite person ever. Cheers!

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