Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow, I am a Maroon.

Pretty excited about this... I decided to go ahead and partake in this super awesome little Sweet Swap hosted by Stylish, Stealthy & Healthy and Second City Randomness, two super cute Bloggers!

Basically, we all submit our names, they make random assignments, we bake our favorite sweet and mail to the person assigned too. How cool is that?

Lil problem. I am NOT a baker. I prefer to cook, make messes, drink beer or wine and do 6,462 other things in the kitchen...but not bake. It's far too methodical, measured and precise for my messy and unfocused little self. But I am all about trying new things, and going outside my comfort zone.

Sous Chef #1 and #2

Second lil problem. I was assigned to bake for a vegetarian, which I am not! Yikes. I had planned on making my favorite Lemon Bars, but had to scratch that to find something to accommodate my victim taste tester. I found and modified a recipe for vegan lemon bars, made them, tasted them (like 16 of em) and was pretty happy with my results.

Yup, there sure is tofu in there.

I drove my happy ass to the post office to get them sent out and as I sat in the parking lot, it dawned on me that anything made with tofu would probbbbbably need to be refrigerated. IDIOT aka Maroon aka Moron. I don't know why I say Maroon, I just do ok? Seriously, sometimes I worry about myself. I immediately took the Lemon Bars to my office to be consumed by the hungry vultures and told myself it was no big deal. I had other things that needed to get done, like going to lunch, actually working and being tortured (more on that later).

I did manage to make a total disaster area out of my kitchen...

Where's my housekeeper when I need her? Oh wait...

So back to square one. I have another of my my original favorites that I can modify fairly easy and bust out and ship before we leave for Cali tomorrow!!!

Il'l let ya know if I eff this one up or not. 

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