Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Thing Thursday

Dear Blog World,

I am new around these parts.. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. In an attempt to let people know who I am, here is me showing you who I am, and the reason I am the way I am, one week at a time....

1. Horseback Rider
Yup. I am a cowgirl at heart. One of my first jobs at age 16 was at Saba's Western Wear. I wore Wrangler's and boots and sold lots of sweet cowboy/girl attire. I got my first horse around the age of 5 or 6 and traveled all around the country to compete. It was an amazing experience and "hobby" as a young girl. I think it taught me responsibility, how to lose gracefully and how to win without becoming supercilious. Looking back now, I truly am grateful to my parents for supporting me and giving me a reason to stay out of trouble (that was much later in life) I don't ride anymore, but it will always hold a special place in my heart...And yes, my Mother used to hide money under her mattress so my Dad didn't know how much she spent. Dedication right there...

Nerd Alert Circa 1998.

2. Lover Of All Things Pink
 I am woman, hear me roar. Pink cell phone cases, lip gloss, water bottles and accessories galore. I draw the line at tacky, but Gosh I sure do love that color. It makes me feel girlie and feminine and bad-ass all at the same time when I rock my bright pink Nike Lunar Glides and matching = awesome.

3.  Middle Sister
 I am the middle child. But in most cases, I am not your "typical" middle child (as "studies" show). I was not attention starved or not paid attention to. In fact, my childhood was quite the opposite. My parents were amazing, supportive, patient and absolute saints for dealing with the 3 of us, really. I was friends with BOTH my brother and sister, more so with my brother growing up and being so close in age and today I can call my sister one of my best friends...but we all had and continue to have special relationships with each other. There aren't too many people who I can 100% be myself around, act like a spaz, and they never think anything of it Now don't me wrong. I was and can still be bratty and loud and crazy and spastic...but I chalk that up to me just bein moi!

Team Awesome (my wedding 11/2009)

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