Monday, August 8, 2011

Namaste, yo

According to my super nerdy "training spreadsheet", I hadn't been to my all time favorite yoga class in 6 weeks.


I suppose I have been too busy getting in 2-3 strength training sessions each week that I ditched my Monday afternoon class in favor of pumping iron and adding in cardio cross-training. Now don't get me wrong, I HAVE practiced yoga in the past 6 weeks...just not with my favorite teacher, Adam. The class typically pulls in 8-10 people, many of those faces I recognize each week, some not. But today was different. Today there was 3. Yup...just me and 2 other girls I flow with on a somewhat regular basis. They both happen to frequent the same wine shop down the street as I do.

As we all sat on our mats and Adam stood in front of us, one of my fellow yogis pipes up and says "can we talk in class today".

So today we talked. We giggled, we acted silly and Adam also pushed us into some strange and challenging moves that we have yet to be pushed into. He also busted out his guitar and sang an original song that we so fondly refer to as "The Marshmallow Song". It's a Christmas jingle that sounds well, marshmallow-y. It was the perfect theme song to my final pose. (Savasana/Corpse pose is the bomb, I'm especially good at it cause I just have to lay there and play dead)

I left class today feeling my typical sense of "Zen" that yoga so famously does to most people....that quiet that always washes over me after I bow my head and clasp my hands together at the end of class. But I also felt really happy. A different happy than my usual. Silly. Connected. I made a promise to myself to attend my favorite yoga class every Monday. Stick to my nerdy spreadsheet.

Super Dork. Yup, I do this.

No excuses.

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