Tuesday, August 9, 2011

12 Days Out!

Happy Tuesday Lovas!

Here is a quick overview of my training for the week.....I have 1 long runs left, 1 full week and one taper week left to bust my butt!

Monday - Flow Yoga
Tuesday - 5.5 mile run (+ strength or plyo)
Wednesday - 3 mile hill run
Thursday - 5.5 mile run (+strength or plyo)Friday - Rest or Yoga
Saturday - 12 mile run (race pace, targeted at 9:40)
Sunday - Rest or easy run

Total Mileage: 26 miles

I have the vacation itch in a bad way. I dream of sinking my little toes into the sand and getting out of town for a while. I feel like a genius for planning a race around vacation, I get the best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned. Who's the smart one now?

Insert Cold Beer Here

Also, for anyone interested, my girl Reese's just posted a good read on training for her upcoming Chicago Marathon using the Run Less, Run Faster method. She's pretty cray cray if ya ask me for doin this, but her blog is hyster and she's ricing ass. (But don't enter too many times cause I want to win)

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