Thursday, August 11, 2011


I got my teeth cleaned today. Most people hate the dentist...I LOVE it.

Don't mind my wonky eye and greasy hair...

I did my usual early run (gotta avoid too much swamp ass around these parts) of 5.5 miles. I did just OK, but my pace was slower than I hoped for. My legs were sore. Again. Oh well.

One stellar moment of my run today...I ran past the "Psycho Bike Lady"  and she actually MOVED over! I think she was running her mouth and talkin smack, but I had my headphones on and just kept on truckin. I don't have time for you, lady! Plus, I think she was wearing a fanny pack, so that just made her 10 times more stupid in my book.

The hubs are I are going on a date tonight...he's heading up to our cabin and I'm headed down to Tucson to visit my BFF and cause some trouble. ;)  I'm especially excited because I will be chauffeuring around an old friend visiting from Alaska. PUMPED! We haven't decided on where we will be dining (and I don't know if he actually knows about my plans) but I hope it's somewhere tasty!


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