Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Carb Conscious

Ya, not so much...but those are the exact words out of Wade's mouth last night as he shoveled THAT into his mouth:

Move along people, no carbs here.

I almost DIED with laughter. Don't get me wrong, he's eats like a champ at home as I prepare and cook almost all our meals (with love I might add, natch). His main fail is lunchtime. Yesterday was pizza and wings at Oregano's aka the Best Place of Earth.

You see, we were discussing food and running and health and he was "poo-pooing" my salad saying he needs to eat meat and REAL food. Typical man. I prefer to eat something delicious and healthful, and that doesn't leave me feeling like I need to be carted out Willy Wonka style. And really, what IS the definition of "real food"?

All I ate was gum, swearsies.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE pizza and beer. I die for it. I really really could eat it everyday and not feel bad about it. BUT, as with's all in moderation.

Just me and my Nimbus

So this morning our conversation was this:

W: "I need to eat clean today"
L:   "Oh really, why is that?"
W: "Didn't you hear me last night? I almost threw up"
L:  "Oh yikes, that's not good...I wonder why?"
W: "Ya, it must have been all the crap I ate yesterday, my body did not like that"
L:   Smirks....

I feel like my body does better when I feed it good nutritious food. A daily diet chock full of veggies, fruit, lean protein and copious amounts of water. Of course, I am no dietitian and we are all different in terms of works for us but I think it's pretty simple....just like your food should be.

We ate at Rhythm and Wine for date night. We had never been here before, but have been to their sister restaurant several times and always liked it. Cute decor, live music, LARGE wine list and good service! The menu in my opinion was just OK though. They had several selections, but not too many options that were actually healthy. I chose the Calistoga House Salad (baby green, fresh roasted turkey, sun-dried cherries, slivered almonds, Chevre, Penne Rigate with Zinfandel Balsamic). It was REALLY good. Perfect size and a lot of flavor! I washed it down with a couple of brews and some fresh warm house bread. I left a happy camper. Wade had the carb Scottsdale's Best Burger (WHY do people think it's "the best", I mean really) and based on his night last night, I think it's safe to say he won't be having that again!

Yup, licked the plate.

Happy to drink a beer and be lazy and awesome, all at once. Gotta get up early tomorrow!

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