Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 Thing Thursday

1. Professional Beer Taste Tester
OK, so I am not  professional for reals...but I like to think I have a taste for beer. Good beer. None of that Natural Ice crap either, blech. I prefer my beer in a bottle or draft style. Wade always tells me how he loves that I love to drink beer....classy huh? (I wonder if he likes my beer belly too?) But in all reality, it IS something we enjoy together. We like to check out new brewery's, learn about the process and where the beers come from...and of course, mass consumption of said beers. I like the last part the best.

2. Makeup Artiste
My first job out of high school was a pretty cool one. I got a job at the local department store and landed a position with Lancome. I have always been a girlie girl and makeup was something I always loved. Having a job doing this every single day only made my obsession and adoration for makeup grow. I still dabble, working as a Freelance Artist for MAC from time to time and helping out friends on special occasions. And of course, I've met so many cool and unique people though the business. It sure doesn't pay the bills, but it sure is fun.
3. Animal Lover
I wanted to be a Vetrinarian when I was growing up. I guess all the schooling and the dark side of it turned me off...BUT, I have always loved animals. Almost every size, shape and breed. I have 3 pets, and I love them all (except one at times who is particularly annoying...not naming names here Lowell). If I had no reason to work and actually make money because I was already super rich, I would do something with animals. And it would be awesome.

End of story.

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