Friday, September 9, 2011

Communication is Key

I am a true believer in the statement I have used as my post title. Communication IS key.

Reason for this post.

I have a good friend. Someone I consider a best friend, and has been for years. Someone who was just given back an engagement ring from someone who he thought he was going to spend his life with. Grow old with. Have children with.

The problem? Lack of communication. Being on different pages. Being on different maturity levels.

He is sad. His heart is broken, but he told me that he will be OK, and that it will make him a better person in the end. And that he deserves someone who is willing to be in a "big kid" relationship with him.

I am certainly not an expert on relationships. I am FAR from perfect. My husband and I fight. But over the past 6 years, we have learned how to disagree and to talk it through and for it to be OK to have different opinions on things. And then we move on. And eventually laugh about the stuff we actually get irritated at.  

But my friend, he was stuck. And he stood up for himself. I'm proud....really proud. To be able to walk away from the comfort and the familiar has got to be hard. But it just proves what I said above.

Communication is Key.

Hug your loved ones everyday.

OK, that was my "serious" post for the week (see I can be serious).

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