Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I-Did-A-Green Run Recap and My News!

Wade and I recently became members of the Arizona Road Racers. 


1. Become more involved and meet more runners.
2. Discounts on club races.
3. Free track workouts.

We have participated in several of ARR's runs and they are a great group and put on some fun and well organized races. I decided to throw a 10K into my plan and see how I did. 5K's are a little too fast and furious for me (I almost barfed after the last one).

The race was about 8 minutes from our house at the Reach 11 Sports Complex which was REALLY nice, we didn't even have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn. It rained the night before, so the weather was pretty nice to begin with and it eliminated some of the dust on the course....this was an all Desert Run.

1. Location to house
2. Cheap entry fee ($11 or free to ARR members)
3. "Green" Event - bring old shoes and get a raffle tix in exchange and free shirts from past races. (recycling)
4. Desert Course - was nice on the joints, but I had to be careful with the roughness of course and going through all the washes. Scenic and different.
5. Actual bathrooms vs. Port-a-Potties = awesome and not smelly. 
6. Well organized, fun group and smaller race.

1. I accidentally went off course following a non-racer that was on the "course"...added about 30-40 seconds to my time before I realized what I was doing - idiot. Wasn't marked as well as it should have been.
2. Start time was 7:15am. Arizona in September is still hot and I was dying at the end of course with no shade.
3. Time clock said 8:59 pace and my Garmin said 8:51 - kinda odd. 

My tank was pretty empty at the end because I was so hot and I forgot sunscreen, so I jogged across the finish line...pretty lame.

However, I will do this race again...it was fun, fast and a nice run. Plus, I had my cute new purple shirt on. ;)


I have been in talks with the ARR's about joining the Board of Director's and becoming more involved in the club. Voting was Sunday during and after the race and yesterday I was told that I was nominated for the position I was after!

Official Title: Vice President, Special & Social Events

I am REALLY excited for this opportunity, to be more involved, meet more people and give back to the running community. I lovvvvvve planning! My first event to plan will be for Halloween!

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