Friday, September 2, 2011

Increased Mileage + Heat Wave...

Pretty disgusting combo if you ask me.

I'm SO over the heat...I pretty much start whining every year come September when everyone (as in other states that aren't located in Hell) starts talking cool weather clothing and pumpkin patch picking, but this year, I'm REALLY over it. Running and training all summer long was great, I did pretty darn good and I'm proud I never missed a run. But my mileage is starting to increase...I'm leaving behind the 20's and will soon be approaching the 30's+, so ya, maybe dropping below 100 degrees would be super duper awesome. I'm sick of swamp ass and running in the dark on the weekends.

I am 7 weeks away from my next race and I'm really excited for it. But this time is a little different. I am running a relay race with 11 other people. Awesome people. So I am going to work harder, train harder, and be tougher on myself so I don't let them down. It also happens to the weekend of one of my Favorite's Birthday's....and he's turning 30. And he's married to my BFF, which means I get to be with her. And did I mention that we will be in Vegas? This is gonna be one for the books. And so so so much fun.

I better go start planning my outfit, hehe.

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  1. Came over from SIF's blog. Yeah, I'm sick of the weather too. I live in Texas and I just can't take it anymore. I have contemplated moving to the East Coast or a whole other country entirely just to get some cool weather on a regular basis.