Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 Thing Thursday

1. Chef Extraordinaire
Well not exactly...but I am proud to say I do know my way around a kitchen. I grew up with a Mom and Grandma who always cooked, and they passed their love of cooking on to me. When I tell people I typically cook dinner 6 nights a week, they are shocked and astonished! What? Don't people cook anymore? I love when a recipe turns out better than expected, leftovers, and the fact that I know what I am putting in my body. Bon Appetit!
Me and My Sous Chef, Christmas Eve 2010

2. Believer of Love
When I met my husband, I was NOT looking for it. I was 23, I was having fun and the thought of settling down was FAR from my mind. But as soon as I met him, I knew. I believe in fate, and being put somewhere because you were supposed to be there at that given time. And Wade and I were in the place we needed to be on December 9th, 2005. The rest is history.
Engagement Photos, March 2009

3. Lover of Holidays
Yup, I'm a sucker for a fuzzy Easter bunny, the sparkling lights of a Christmas tree and the aroma of Thanksgiving cooking in my Mom's kitchen (or mine last year, yum). As I get older, the more I appreciate the Holidays and the FAMILY I have to spend it with and the more I realize it isn't about gifts and shopping and stress. It's about cherishing the time we have together and the traditions we keep and continue to create.
Lowell The Easter Bunny 2010

OK, enough cheese and seriousness for the day.


  1. OK, that picture of you in the apron? Makes me happy! I want to steal your boots!

  2. I also cook a lot - it is more healthy. I love your boots too - I actually have a simliar pair I bought at the end of season sales, now I must wait for winter to wear them again..
    Love the pic of your dog and his/ her ears - we did the same thing to our dog and took a pic :)