Thursday, September 1, 2011


I caved. And now this is mine.

I wasn't 100% convinced that this was a new adventure that I was ready to take on. After all, I am still in the learning process of running and racing and quite frankly, I really love it. But my determined husband was not going to take NO for an answer. You see, my first ride on a road bike was not a good one. "The Bike Shop" (that I did not purchase from) put me on a test bike that were probably trying to unload on some stupid oblivious newbie. A bike that is made for racing. For people who know what the hell they are doing. And apparently women with iron vaginas. And that ain't me...except the oblivious part of course, wink. Soooo, I assumed all bikes were like this. And I wrote it off.

 I of course, encouraged Wade to pursue this new adventure and to get a bike of his own. He has a wild hair up hiss ass to train for a Triathlon, and I think that is super. We went to "The Bike Shop #2" on Sunday to check things out...and purchase something for Wade. Wellllllllll, I tried out some bikes more suited for riders like me. People who are riding for fun, leisure and exercise. And for scardy cats. (aka extra brakes and tires that are wider than a grain of rice) And how very sweet, Wade wanted US to try this new adventure together, as a couple. Something else to do together and something else to be excited about. He's right. We don't have kiddos, we don't have very many expensive habits (eating out, running, and traveling when we can) so I finally said "what the heck, let's DO this"

2 days later, I picked her up. Now she just needs a name. And I must admit, I'm pretty excited.

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