Monday, October 3, 2011


I meant to post this yesterday...when my weekly training ends, but quite frankly, I was too lazy to blog.

I Freelanced on Friday and got home a little late...but it was OK, because I was a Bachelorette this weekend. I ate leftovers, watched Bridesmaids (hilar) and went to bed early. <---- Super cool, huh?

I met my girl Kara at 5:30 in front of our houses and we set off to run. It was a little dark, but not as dark as last weekend....and she was pushing her 4 year old in a stroller, so I ended up pushing ahead of her and running by myself. 1:59 minutes and 12.5 miles later, I was done. And I felt super. I didn't push myself. (It does worry me though when I think about having to run 13.1 in that time time to achieve my next PR goal)


I skipped passed 30 miles/week. That has been a goal of mine for a while and I am very proud of myself for hitting it.

I took 3 rest days this week, which is more than usual...but oh well. I'll aim for 3x of strength training this week. 2 FULL weeks and a partial week left until Ragnar - Vegas style!

The rest of my weekend was spent being a bum. Shopping and lunching with a girlfriend, running some errands and a little work sprinkled in.

I missed my hubs....glad he's back!

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