Friday, September 30, 2011

Not everyone is an a-hole

I attended my very first Arizona Road Racers board meeting last night.

I'm so cool.

OK not really. But a lot of these people are. The meeting was held at a Member's fancy law firm downtown....20th floor with amazing views of the city. I would have taken a picture but I wanted to be normal for at least one meeting before they figured out what a spaz I am. We started off the meeting with a short intro to tell everyone a little about ourselves and our "running story". I laughed when it was my turn. I am the newest runner of the group.

At least no one made me feel bad (or they just secretly laughed and pointed when I left the room).

But really, most of these people have served  multiple years on this board. It's the biggest running club in Phoenix, running and managing multiple races a year. And they do all of this for nothing. For the pure love of the sport. I'm pretty excited to be a part of that.

When they asked me WHY I wanted to be a Director my reasons were this:

1. To become a better/faster runner.
2. To give back to the community. (I know, cheesy)
3. To meet new people with the same common interest. Running. (obvs.)

Being the VERY serious person that I am....I was a little apprehensive walking into this big board room full of people. I was having flashbacks of a neighborhood HOA meeting I once attended (not pretty, lots of angry people yelling and fighting about stupid shit no one cares about).  I was hoping I wouldn't fall asleep out of boredom or be stuck dealing with a bunch of boring drips for the nest year.


The room was full of funny, crazy, sarcastic and sweet people. All with really cool personalities and different abilities as far as running. The President is training for a 100 mile Ultra. Damn Gina.

So there are GOOD people in the world, that do shit for free because they aren't a-holes.

End of story.

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