Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy Bee

I have neglected my little blog. It's ok though, sometimes life gets in the way. A little recap of what I have been up to the last week:

Work. Working like a mad dog. Sunday was my first day off all week, and it was awesome. I've been freelancing at least once a week at MAC, and my real job has been really busy, so I can't complain.

Running. This week I kind of hit a "wall". I don't know if I finally burnt out a bit after Ragnar last weekend, or the fact that I have been having some pain in my left hamstring, but it really really sucked having a few crappy/slow runs in a row...even throwing in a trail run to add a little excitement didn't really help. I had a decent long run on Sunday...slow and steady. I planned for 12, but cut it short at 10.5 not wanting to push myself. Half Marathon in 6 days. It might not be pretty, I might not hit my goal race pace...but I'm gonna have a LOT of fun. I'm running this one with girlfriends only!

 First "Event". I had my first official event in my new Board of Directors position. It was fun. I met new faces, hung out with some familiar. Wore my butterfly wings. A few of us from the club went out afterward for drinks and had a blast...such a fun and silly group of people! Having some new and young Directors added to the Board is certainly going to mix things up! Watch out Roadracers!

Date Night. Wade and I had an AMAZING date on Saturday night. We ate at one our our favorite restaurants, called Cartwright's. So so yummy.

So that's my last week in a nutshell....

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