Monday, October 17, 2011

A lovely Sunday

Occasionally, Sunday's can be dreaded in this household...back to work, and the end of a weekend...

But this Sunday was special. We stayed an extra night in the Mountains. Ah, one perk of self employment. The dogs were especially pleased with this decision.

We went to lunch, took a drive, did some projects around the Cabin, napped and enjoyed just "being".

I laced up my shoes around 5:30 and set out for my 7 miles. I smiled to myself as I skipped through the pine trees, my feet quietly pounding pine needles instead of the usual plain old pavement.

The sun went down MUCH faster than I anticapted, and I turned around a little earlier than I would have liked.

No streetlights, no glow of front porch lights. The moon didn't help me much, as it was tucked behind the trees...I got a little scared being so alone and I picked up my pace while still being careful of where I stepped to avoid hurting myself. I kept thinking and secretly hoping that Wade would be driving out to find me soon...

As I headed up the last hill, I saw headlights coming towards me.

He told me I looked like a fairy in his headlights, the reflectors on my clothes and shoes bouncing around. He asked if I wanted to hop in. With only a half mile or so to go, I told him I'd run back. He followed me for a minute or so, headlights lighting my way.

6.5 miles of freedom, no traffic, no exhaust blowing in my face, the hope and slight fear of running into a critter or of the most liberating runs I have ever had.

We sat around the fire pit, listening to Gyspy Radio, sipping on a nice red. BBQ'd kabobs, salad and fresh bread rounded out our evening....oh, and one tasty piece of cheesecake. ;)

Simply lovely.

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  1. Sounds like a delightful day! I always enjoy runs in the wilderness because it truly takes you away from all of the drama of the city. Wine and kabobs is a great way to end a night.