Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get Fit - A Lesson on Cycling

I completed my 2 hour bike fitting last night with Perry at Landis Cyclery. I was a little apprehensive about doing it, because I really wasn't sure WHY a rookie, a beginner, a novice like me needed such an intensive fitting. However, Wade had it done a month or so ago and said it was well worth the fee (we got a discount for buying our bikes at the shop) so I went ahead and scheduled an appointment.

I arrived prepared with Dolce (my beautiful bike), my super sexy bike shorts, shoes and an open mind.

He started by checking my ankles, feet, knees, hip, shoulders..taking measurements and seeing if I was properly aligned. Nothing out of ordinary here. 

He then proceeded to set up a massage table - much to my disappointment no massage was involved (how rude), but several tests to see my range of motion, flexibility, and strength were conducted as well as a test for saddle fit vs butt size.

Table Work Discoveries:

Pros - A very strong core and glutes. Better than average flexibility (surprising).
Cons - A weak hip flexor (yup, extreme pain following this race) and tight quads.

I will be doing some research on gaining more range on motion and strengthening that area. 

As I already knew from running, I pronate (particularity on the right foot) and this affects my pedaling, a few simple adjustments and a shoe insert solved this problem right away.

Perry then set up the Trainer and popped Dolce into it, had me strap my shoes on and hopped on.

He had me start and stop several times, taking measurements of the angle of my legs, and hips and then making small adjustments to my bike.

Trainer Discoveries:

Pros - Strong core = perfect upper body form
Cons - My seat was WAY too low causing all sorts of weirdness in my knees and feet. When I pedal my legs go bowlegged. (here's where those shoe inserts come in handy)

I was fearful to have to my seat raised, and I knew he was going to do it. Clipping in and out still scares me, but a lesson on properly doing so made me feel much more at ease and more comfortable about the seat being so high. Perry knows his shit, I immediately felt more comfortable when on my bike and my feet didn't fall asleep once while in the saddle. I highly recommend this service to anyone that rides a bike.

I'm pretty excited to get on my bike...even more to do it with Wade's new Christmas present  - ha! When I got home last night, Wade had just completed an hour video while on his trainer and said it was the hardest workout he had ever done, his clothes were dripping wet.


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